Questions We Are Frequently Asked.

What influences your clients to hire you, versus your competition?

There are only a few true design/builders in the Durango area. Of these, we have the most extensive track record and enjoy an unrivaled reputation for designing and building  fine quality homes. The level of care and attention to detail we devote to the project goes well beyond what builders normally offer. Our clients are typically looking for interesting design, careful construction at a reasonable cost, energy efficiency, and durability. Our clients want a builder who has taken the time and effort to continually keep abreast of the new technologies available today to build them a home which they can enjoy for many years.

We live outside of the Durango area. Should we be concerned about being absent during the construction of our home?

Certainly not. Most of our projects have been built for absentee owners. We have a very organized system of documenting decisions and changes, and we send digital photos frequently to allow our clients to follow the progress of their home. We have a recommended schedule for periodic visits by clients to do on-site walk- throughs.

How long will it take to design and engineer our house, and how long to construct it once design is complete?

Most projects can be designed and engineered ready for construction within a two to three month period. A 3,000 square foot home usually takes between seven to ten months to build.

How much will it cost to build our house?

This depends on many factors: size, complexity, finish materials, site considerations, etc. Once we get to meet with you and tour some of our completed homes, we will have a better understanding of what you want to build. Then we will be able to give you a realistic estimate of costs and scheduling. Our cost management process is very transparent, affording the owner to be very connected to the project and allows them to make informed decisions.

Are you available to help us evaluate building lots?

Yes, we would be happy to help you evaluate one or more building sites to consider such things as infrastructure costs, siting of structure/s, solar and ground source heating potential, etc. There is no charge for this service.

Many builders are claiming to be “Green Builders”, what sets you apart from the others?

While others were “talking-the-talk” we’ve been “walking-the-walk”. We have long been focused on building comfort, durability, and energy efficiency into our homes. A house built to last is an important part of building green. We have been building Energy Star rated homes for over seven years, and have achieved remarkable scores for performance. We built the first LEED home in our area, which attained the highest rating possible (LEED Certified Platinum). We have built two net-zero energy homes. On our staff are two certified Energy Auditors and Building Envelope Specialists.

Verifiable Results: Talk is cheap, but our third party verified success stories are proof that we know how to build a truly green house.

How can we get more information regarding your company?

Contact us through email, phone, or postal mail, and we will send you more information and can schedule a meeting with you and a tour of some homes (see our contact page).